How old do you have to be to learn?

Shaolin Kungfu Yuan takes students ages 5- 60.

How would I know if I like it or not?

There are trial classes that you can attend for free. If you like it to stay! If not… well that’s alright, too.

If I am an experienced martial artist, how would you determine my belt level?

During your trial class be sure to tell the Master what you know. You will be asked to demonstrate it and decisions will be made.

If I’m younger/ older than the age range could I still learn?

That depends, your physical and mental ability is what we look at.

Since many children under the age of five have not yet had their brains totally developed, they may not be able to understand and therefore not learn much. Instead, why not wait a year or two and start learning? You’ll learn much more and much quicker too.

Also, as many people get older, their physical ability gets weaker. We do not want to have any injuries occurring.

How do you pass a belt test?

Do not be afraid and stress over your belt test. Remember, the test is to see if you have learned and understood the moves correctly and are able to move on to the next level.

A belt test usually involves stretches, kicks, stances, moves you’ve learned and most importantly the fist form or weapon form you have learned during your classes.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

A uniform is to be purchased and worn to every class.

How many times could I come a week?

You may come as many times as you please a week. Just be sure to inform your Master when you’ll be coming.

When can you start learning weapons?

You’ll first be learning the basic fist forms during you first few belts. As you move up you’ll start using weapons. The first weapon is the Shaolin stick taught at the green belt level.

Are there any private classes available?

You will have to contact the Master to see if there is time for a private class. Remember, this is not guaranteed as there are many students and if all students wanted a private class…. that’s just chaotic .

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It is all up to you. If you provide more time and effort into Kungfu you’ll surely receive your black belt. Remember it’s Kungfu, in Chinese 功夫, which means work and effort. Kungfu takes A LOT of work and effort. The more you put in it, the more you gain!

How does the whole competition thing work?

If you are asked to come and participate in a competition, please, if you have the time, do come. Further classes will be held with other participants to help train you on how to walk on/off, respect and to further perfect your forms.

Competitions are a great way to learn and it’s a great experience. You’ll be exposed to other kinds of martial arts and kungfu forms. Competitions are also a great way to build up your confidence. It’s not about winning or losing but about the friends you make and the hard work you put into it.

Remember, EVERYONE is a winner! :)