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Shaolin Kung Fu Yuan is a Kung Fu academy based in Arcadia, California.


1. Respect the elders

2. Do not bully others. Do not discriminate against vulnerable groups.

3. Learn to be humble. Learn to unite and love.

4. Abide by discipline. Do not speak in class.

5. Answer other people's questions.

6. Without permission. Don't touch other people's things.

7. Do your own stuff yourself.

Venue Laws

1. To enter the kung fu venue, you must give a bow.

2. When you meet the master, you must give a bow. When you leave, you must give a bow also.

3. No yelling or screaming in the venue.

4. Put the weapons in its original position.

5. Parents are not allowed to instruct your child during school hours.

6. Children are not allowed to use game consoles to play in the martial arts hall

7. Kung Fu clothes and belts must be worn in class.

8. Arrive five minutes early for class.

9. If absent from school, you need to ask for leave.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Support Local.

We know that during COVID-19, a lot of folks around the city and state are feeling uneasy about the future - we’re not sure what the future holds either.

That said: we love making sure you could enjoy learning Kung Fu, and we’re going to keep doing that - with our team.

But as long as folks like yourself support businesses around the city, then we’ll be here — every day.


Master Shi YanHui
Shaolin Kung Fu Yuan

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Shaolin Kungfu Yuan Arcadia School

921 S. Baldwin Ave, #D. Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone: (626) 447-1111


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